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The Benefits of

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Faster RecoveryLess cutting, less pain
Minimally invasive techniques require less cutting and disruption of muscles allowing for a faster return to work and life's activities.
Decreased Risk of InfectionMore experience, better results
Dr. Patel has performed over 4,000 minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Patel's experience leads to a decreased risk of infection.
Advanced TechnologySmaller incisions, smaller scars
Incisions made are smaller and less noticeable after surgery compared to traditional open back surgery.
Outpatient ProceduresNo lengthy hospital stay
Outpatient procedures mean you can start your recovery at home instead of spending multiple nights in a hospital.

Changing Lives

One Patient at a Time

August 2022

I went to see Dr Patel for my lower back pain. Turns out I needed two disc replacements and it was bone on bone and I was in severe pain. Dr Patel was so kind and patient. After trying a couple of things for relief, I was scheduled for surgery. I had to have a disc replaced through my stomach area, one through my hip area and then screws and rods through my back. As extreme as this was, Dr Patel was by my side right after surgery, held my hand and reassured me everything went great and worked on managing my pain.

September 2022

Dr Patel did back surgery for me 2 years ago. I was at a point were I didn’t want to do anything even play with my daughter outside with sports. Now I’m working out and running every day again. I love the fact that when my daughter asks to go shoot hoops with her now or practice softball. I say you bet with a smile on my face feels good to have a my life back again. Thank you!

April 2022

I had been struggling with low back pain. I did all the injections. Still no relief. Dr Gashkoff referred me to Dr Patel. I had surgery on 4/5/22. It’s only two months from surgery. My back had not been pain free for at least 20 years. I am so amazed with the professionalism and skill at Dr. Patel‘s team has. Thank you so much.

February 2022

Dr Patel is amazing! Fixed my sciatic pain n i feel back to my old self!

January 2022

Dr. Patel is what every physician should aspire to be: Analytical, caring, thorough and knowledgeable. He asks pertinent questions about symptoms and requests–then actually listens to the responses. When he first walked in his voice is very comforting and calm, he took time with me and listen to my concerns.

May 2021

Knowledgeable, kind, confident, and observant, Dr. Patel was an absolute delight to work with. I had a micro-laminectomy, and Dr. Patel did a wonderful job. He answered all of my ridiculous questions and assuage all my fears. 10/10 (but obvi hope I never have to have surgery again).

May 2021

My wife Jo Ann had spine jack surgery to repair a vertebrae compression fracture. The care from start to finish could not have gone more smoothly or have a better result. Thank you Dr. Patel, P.A. Rebecca, and the entire staff!

April 2021

Dr. Patel takes the time with you and explains the procedure at length. I felt comfortable with him from the get go. I have had back pain for a really long time. I am 3 months post-op and loving my results. So glad I chose Dr. Patel and his team. His team is just as wonderful answering any questions you may have. Excellent service.

March 2021

My back pain started 5+ years ago. It continued to get worse so I did physical therapy but it really did not help. When I saw Dr. Patel he was very kind. He explained exactly what was going on with my back and how he could fix it permanently. Literally the pain I had for all those years was gone after surgery. Of course there is the pain from surgery but that is temporary. It was the best decision ever. Dr. Patel and his staff are wonderful.

April 2021

I had discomfort that started in my neck that radiated down my arm along with hand numbness. A mri detected that I had a herniated disc. Dr. Patel and I discussed all my options and decided that surgery was the way to go. Surgery was a success. I have no pain or numbness anymore. Dr Patel and the whole staff at the Spine Center were top notch.

February 2021

Amazing and extremely caring doctor. From the start, I was treated with the utmost kindness and I could tell he was a doctor who truly cared. He helped me completely remove my chronic back pain of two years and now I am living pain free. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel to anyone who is suffering back pain, especially if you want truly exceptional care.

October 2020

I had broken my spine in August 2019 and because of his excellent work and dedicated staff, I am all healed up and enjoying life again. He is very detailed in explaining what was happening with me and the routes we could take to fix it. He was open and didn’t hide anything from me…good or bad. I had cement placed in my spine as well as a spinal fusion. I recommend Dr. Patel because he demonstrates how a doctor should act to patients, with care and commitment. He never gave up on me and that helped me not give up on myself! Thank you again Dr. Patel! You work miracles!

August 2020

Dr. Patel is awesome. I came to see him with pain in my arms and shoulders due to a spine injury. I elected to have surgery and it was the best decision of my life. After a year I have had no pain. Dr. Patel is very professional and easy to talk to about the injury. He does an excellent job of laying out the path on what I was going to expect with the surgery and the recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Patel! You’re the best!

December 2019

Came to Dr. Patel in severe pain in my neck and down my arms, couldn’t feel my hands anymore. My MRI showed 2 ruptured discs in my cervical area. Surgery was smooth and I was able to feel my hands immediately after surgery. Dr. Patel is the best and his staff were wonderful with all my FMLA paperwork. Will always recommend him to anyone in need of an orthopedic surgeon!

March 2020

Dr. Patel is awesome! Not only is he a specialist in his field, but he also has a fantastic personality! He made me feel at ease and even laugh! He took care of my herniated disc and un-pinched the nerve, I was back to work in two weeks. I am no longer in pain!! I am thankful to have such an amazing Doctor/Specialist/Surgeon!! The entire staff was friendly and helpful.

November 2020

Dr. Patel is an amazing doctor. Really takes the time to explain what is going on and answer all questions. Down to earth and good sense of humor while maintaining professionalism.

November 2020

Had extensive surgery with Dr. Patel! He and his entire staff from nurses to billing were excellent!! Can’t recommend Dr. Patel any more highly the guy is just Good!! Excellent explanation, step-by-step common sense treatment plan.

January 2020

What a wonderful man. He was highly recommended by my physical therapist. He eased a ton of anxiety, was very thorough and extremely compassionate.

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